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We'll Be There For You! Friends Board Game!

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Friends Reunion HBO Max Friends games Bundle game

Could we BE any happier about the Friends Reunion on HBO Max? While we don't have an official Friends board game (yet!), we have had fun playing our own version. Friends is filled with iconic memories, inside jokes, and an endless stream of quote-able lines that have impacted our culture and lives in such an incredible way. The show about "the time in your life when your friends are your family" lends itself perfectly to a little impromptu game of Bundle.

Let's Play! Bundle style using the 4 categories from our game

Friends tv show Bundle Game

Name 4

Name 4 of your favorite guest stars from Friends episodes. (Including the actor names!)


Group Challenge! Split up into teams with one person being the judge. One team argues that Ross and Rachel were "on a break" and the other presents the case that they were not "on a break." Winning team moves ahead one space.

Ross Rachel Joey Monica Monica Phoebe Chandler Friends Bundle game

Pick Your Destiny

Joey ends up on a subway ad that is a little bit embarrassing. #actorlife

Move back one space.

Act It Out

Smelly Cat (please send us your videos of this so that we can share on social!) Comment below or DM us your answers @thebundlegame - we would love to share them.

Friends TV show games Bundle game Mentors on the MIc

If you still need more of a Friends fix, check out the Mentors on the Mic podcast hosted by Michelle Simone Miller. Michelle does a deep dive with entertainment industry professionals and asks them all the fun behind the scenes questions. In her episode with Marta Kauffman, showrunner from Friends, Michelle gets so much behind the scenes scoop from Martha. Make sure to listen, download and subscribe to the podcast if you like being "in the know" about all things in the entertainment industry.

What questions would you include in your Friends board game? Comment below or DM us @thebundlegame with your ideas!


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