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I'll Have What She's Having - The Ultimate Rom Com Board Game

Photo of Meg Ryan - a blond woman with feathered hair wearing a cream colored sweater and Billy Crystal. Billy is wearing a checkered button down shirt and holding his fingers up to his eye while Meg Ryan sings into a karaoke mic.
Karaoke with Harry and Sally

We have always loved watching a good romantic comedy. There are countless iconic moments from all of your favorite rom coms we watched growing up. We can watch these movies over and over again and still find ourselves laughing at them and finding new things we love during each viewing. From Pretty Woman, to when Harry Met Sally (I'll have what she's having!) to You've Got Mail (yes we love Nora Ephron) to Love & Basketball to all of our favorite Hallmark Channel movies - it is a genre that we are quite familiar with and that we cherish. That's why we created a special board game for all rom com lovers - Bundle: Rom Com Edition.

Photo of Bundle a table with streamers spread all around the table. Cook's champagne, a cupcake, and a champagne class sit on the table.
Bundle: Rom Com Edition!

Bundle: Rom Com Edition is perfect for a girls night, a weekend getaway, or a virtual happy hour. You can host a rom com movie marathon and take a break between Always Be My Maybe and Miss Congeniality to play a game of Bundle. Bundle: Rom Com Edition features trivia questions, fun challenges, and allows the opportunity for you to quote and geek out on your favorite romantic comedies.

Photo saying RomaDrama's Family Game Night. There is a photo of Trevor Donovan, a blond blue eyes man who is so good looking it actively hurts your eyes to bear witness. There is a photo of the Bundle game and of two brown haired women - sisters Cassie and Jackie.
Come to Florida with us!

We love rom coms so much that we are attending a convention in June that will celebrate all things in the romantic comedy world! We will be headed to Palm Beach, Florida June 24th-26th for Roma Drama Live! We are going to be engaging in tons of fun activities: playing Bundle: Rom Com Edition, karaoke night, and meeting lots of our favorite rom com stars.

We would love to spend time with you in Florida this summer (don't worry we will be bringing lots of sunscreen!) so if you are coming to get your rom com on, let us know and we would love to say hi and Bundle with you.


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