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Behind the Bundle: Valentine's Day is Coming

A Favorite Holiday Tradition One of our favorite traditions is hanging out in a CVS at 6:30pm on Valentine’s Day and watching the coupled up men of New York City frantically scouring the shelves for an appropriate gift for their significant others. Pro tip, dudes: she’s probably not going to love the stuffed bear (the one with the weird smudge of dirt on its face because it was the last one on the shelf) and the box of Russell Stover’s Candies. Don’t get me wrong, we love Russell Stover’s as much as the next person, but what she won’t love is the fact that you waited until the last minute to get her a gift. They say it’s the thought that counts and well, you didn’t have the thought until 5pm on Valentine’s Day after you had seen multiple Instagram posts praising guys who thought ahead. Let us help you help yourself.

Founders Jackie and Cassie laughing and holding a personalized Bundle board game.
This is us laughing at you in CVS. You could've had a Bundle!

Bundle to the Rescue We would be happy to make your Valentine’s Day special (and look like you put a lot of thought into it!) by making a personalized board game all about your relationship with your significant other. We will send you our Bundle Blueprint where we will learn all about your memories, traditions, and inside jokes. Then, we make a game all about your love. (Not on the ‘I love you’ level yet? We can work with ‘I like you’ vibes.) We have been so lucky to make Bundles for so many couples, like Mordechai and Karen, Hannah and Chelsea, and Sara Blakely and Jesse Itzler. And yes, the rumors are true (didn’t you hear?!), at least two couples have gotten engaged after playing Bundle. While engagement results may vary, fun and connection is guaranteed.

Guy with headphones holding a Bundle on a rooftop.
This is Jackie's boyfriend, Alex. He had better order his Bundle soon. And how awesome is that blazer?

Don’t be the CVS Guy, Be the Bundle Dude Order your Bundle today and spend the next three weeks feeling really smug, knowing that you have Valentine’s Day all figured out. Sure, you could do it because you adore your partner and you know that she will love a game celebrating your relationship. But you also need to do it for future you, who can confidently stride into a CVS on Valentine’s Day and bypass all of the frantic activity in the card and candy aisles. You can grab your Charmin Ultra soft toilet paper (or ultra strong if that’s your jam) and head home to get your Bundle on.


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