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Christmas Con Celebrity Game Night with Tyler Hynes

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Hynes in a Henley

You know you've made it when your fans have coined a term for themselves, and you get extra points if it's catchy and hilarious. Fans of Tyler Hynes certainly outdid themselves when they came up with their name: the Hynies. Yes, that's right, the Hynies. Here at Bundle we are big fans of Tyler and his work - whether on Hallmark Channel, Letterkenny, or Unreal. (He also has a bunch of other great credits! ) You can imagine that as Hynies ourselves we were super excited when Tyler said he would be a part of our Celebrity Game Night at Christmas Con this year. Christmas Con runs from December 10th-12th and promises to be a star studded, Christmas filled, wonderfully festive event. Most of the event is already sold out but luckily our event is on Friday, December 10th at 4pm - which is the one day you can still get tickets for the convention! Click here to buy yours.

An Unexpected Christmas, Hallmark Channel, Tyler Hynes, Bethany Joy Lenz, Paul Campbell
We can feel the chemistry from the poster...

Tyler nearly broke Twitter last weekend when he made a cameo appearance in My Christmas Family Tree, but the movie he is starring in this season, An Unexpected Christmas will be premiering on Friday, November 26th at 8pm EST. This movie also has fan favorite Bethany Joy Lenz co-starring and was written by Hallmark legend, Paul Campbell. We expect Twitter to be properly ablaze for this event, so Hynies, prepare yourselves.

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To order Bundle: Holiday Edition before Christmas Con, click here. If you're going to be coming to Christmas Con, please let us know, we would love to be on the look out to say hi to you! We expect our Hynies to be bringing their A game with their Christmas Spirit, and a few lucky people will even get to play onstage with the man, the myth, the legend himself. Hynies, unite in holiday celebration. And FYI, we are banking on seeing at least one Christmas sweater with Tyler Hynes' face plastered across the front. Don't disappoint us.


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