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Father's Day with Bundle

Photo of a dad with his three kids. They are in a parking lot smiling wide smiles.
Our dad, aka Maverick!

Our dad has always been such a funny and playful person. From the time he was a kid, he was playing poker for the "house" and earning money for it as a part time job. He garnered the nickname "Maverick" and bought his graduation suit with his winnings. We grew up playing poker at the kitchen table he coached our basketball team, so play was always an important part of our upbringing. Father's Day is fast approaching on Sunday, June 18th and we are looking forward to celebrating not only our dad, but your dads with personalized games of Bundle!

Photo of a young man  with shaggy hair and glasses and his son in a canoe paddling in the water.
Matching life jacket vibes with dad!

You can make a custom board game to celebrate your memories with your dad, his biggest quirks, and inside jokes. You can even include your favorite photos in your game. An Act It Out card could read, "Playing baseball." You could be asked to Name 4 of your favorite dad jokes. (We have PLENTY, our dad texts us a joke every morning!) A Challenge card encourages you to "Do your best impression of your dad when he is stressed out about something." We love making games that celebrate your unique relationship with your dads.

Photo of a family at the dinner table playing a Bundle and smiling at each other.
We loved our time with the Fredericks!

We loved connecting with the Frederick family to make our Bundle commercial. You can watch it here. Nixon is a kind, compassionate, fun, and present father and it was wonderful to be invited into is home to get to know his family. We had him fill out a Bundle Blueprint and took the rich information about the Frederick family, made them a personalized Bundle game, and filmed a commercial so we could share their story with others. We loved being invited to spend time with the Frederick family and were welcomed into their home with such hospitality.

We hope that however you choose to celebrate Father's Day you will have a day filled with fun, delicious food, and lots of dad jokes!


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