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Feeling All The Feelings This Summer

Best Board Games Bundle Father's Day

What does feeling all the feelings even mean? It's definitely a phrase that we have said numerous times but it's not easily definable. It seems to have a more positive connotation than negative, but it's hard to pin down. Sometimes it's enough to feel some of the feelings, but all of them? Can we handle that? Well this summer we are about to find out because we have curated a list of gifts and experiences that will get you feeling your least some of them.


Feeling All the feelings best gifts Bundle game

We have been fans of StoryWorth for awhile now. We gifted our dad StoryWorth for Father's Day and it was one of the most special gifts we have ever given him. To be honest, it was probably even more of a gift for us than it was for him - because we got to read so many of his great stories and have them made into a beautiful book that we cherish. Once a week, StoryWorth e-mails questions to your loved one, they share their reply with a story that is shared with you each week, and then you get this awesome keepsake book. Our dad really brought his A game with this - his stories were funny, insightful, and very touching. And yes, had us feeling all of the feelings. You can read more about StoryWorth here.

Golden Girls Escape Rooms. Bundle

Escaping Rooms

In the before times, we did escape rooms on the regular and they definitely gave us FEELINGS. The adrenaline rush, the competitive edge, and thrill of victory...or the agony of defeat. Pictured here is a photo from The Escape Game in New York City. Was it Golden Girls themed? No. Did that stop us from dressing up anyway? Also no. If you're not quite ready to jump into the world of in person escape rooms, check out Black Noir Escape. You and your team play the role of Private Investigator Mr. Jones. A mysterious letter leads you through a trial of crime scenes with puzzles to solve and suspects to interrogate. Yes, please.

Connect with Keao

Connect with Keao Special Gifts Bundle game

We love our Bundle mascot Artie (Jackie's cat) very much. He works for us for free (to be fair he does get room and board) and is a special part of the Bundle team. Last year we treated him to a session with Keao, an animal communicator. Yes, you read that right. (Jackie really got a kick out of saying that Artie was meeting with his therapist.) Keao was nothing short of amazing. Her presence is incredibly soothing, she is so easy to talk to, and she was able to connect with Artie and share things about what he was thinking and feeling that resonated with Jackie. Keao is incredibly gifted and if you're interested in booking with her check out her website here.


Best Board games, feeling all the feelings, Bundle game

You didn't think we were going to make this list and *not* include Bundle on it, did you? Yes, we are partial, but Bundle will get you connecting with the people you love in a playful and deeper way. You fill out your Bundle Blueprint with all of your favorite memories and inside jokes, and then we create a highly customized game all about you and the people you love - complete with photos. It's a great gift to re-connect with people, deepen connections, and even break the ice with people you don't really know that well. By the end, you'll be laughing, you'll be crying, it'll be better than Cats. (The movie and the musical - not the animal because we all know that cats are the best.)

One of the categories in our game is Name 4 so we want to hear from you! Name 4 gifts or experiences that get you feeling all the feelings. Share below or send us a DM at @thebundlegame.


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