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Superbowl Sunday with Bundle

kittenbowl superbowl sunday the bundle game
When you win the Kitten Bowl you get endorsement deals

It's Game Day! Not only is it Super Bowl Sunday - it's also the day of Hallmark Channel's Kitten Bowl. Now, if you're not familiar with the Kitten Bowl but you've seen any photos on our Bundle Instagram (@thebundlegame) you have seen our resident Bundle cat model, Artie. Artie was a cat-lete (yes, that's right they call them cat-letes) at Kitten Bowl last year, and even scored the game-winning touchdown. No wonder he got so many successful endorsement deals with Bundle. By the way, Artie says that for Hallmark Channel fans, you should order our When Calls the Heard board game today.

Cat-letes in action

Superbowl Sunday might be looking a little different this year, but we want to know how you're celebrating! What snacks are you having? Are you rooting for the Chiefs? Hoping for the Buccaneers? More interested in the halftime show? Speaking of putting on a show, check out the video below where Artie aka Nickel for his football moniker, score the game winning touchdown on Hallmark Channel last year. And the crowd goes wild.

football announcer gameday superbowl sunday sports coverage ESPN

personalized board games for super bowl superbowl snacks

Whether you are watching the Super Bowl, Kitten Bowl, (or maybe doing a double feature?) or just having a relaxing Sunday Funday - we hope that you take the time to do something that makes you happy and making some memories. And if you feel inspired to order a personalized board game for your next Sunday Funday - whether it's a virtual hang out or in person - you know we're your girls.


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