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Games for Family Reunions - Bundle Has Got You Covered!

There are two young boys playing outside with water toys. A purple Bundle banner is around the photo.
Fun in the sun!

At Bundle, we love bringing people together for life's most special moments. After two years of having to modify gatherings, we are grateful that we are finally getting to a place where we are able to safely gather together. After all the virtual gatherings that we have been having, we are a little bit out of practice for getting together with a large group in person. Sometimes things can be a little awkward at first - but don't worry, Bundle has got you covered.

Family of 4 sitting around a kitchen table, They are smiling at each other and laughing. There is a Bundle board game at the center of the table and a Bundle bag on the side of the table.
The family that Bundles together stays together

When you order your personalized Bundle game, you fill out our Bundle Blueprint with all of your family's memories, traditions, and inside jokes. You can even include photos in your custom game! Each Bundle game has 83 cards that are personalized to your family's stories. When you gather together, it gives a structure for you to relive all of our favorite memories and an excuse to tell your best stories again. Bundle also asks insightful questions so that you are sharing new information with your family and growing closer together. All while having a ton of fun and getting to tease each other a little bit, too!

There are three people (son, mother, and father) sitting around a table playing a Bundle game.
Bundle brings the smiles!

Each Bundle comes with a cloth board in a cloth bag, so you can easily take it with you on all your summer adventures. Many other board games are large and cumbersome to pack, but a Bundle will fit neatly into an overnight bag, purse, or backpack so you can easily transport it anywhere you want to go. To order a Bundle for your family, click here and in 3 weeks you will have a custom game all about the wonderful things that make your family so unique.


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