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Self Care with Bundle

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Bundle game self care custom games

There are many ways to practice effective self care. You can take a long nap, play with a furry friend, get exercise, or watch a favorite TV Show. (Might we suggest When Calls the Heart? We have the perfect board game to play when you are watching it. But we digress.) While it is so important to do things to relax you, after a year plus of being away from our family and friends we know how important it is to find ways to connect with them right now. Fun is very often one of the best ways to practice self care and by making you and the people you love most a personalized board game all about your favorite moments, fun trivia, and challenges that will make you laugh until your abs hurt (I guess we can count that as self care in the form of exercise?) you are are also taking good care of the people around you.

Bundle game self care best personalized games
Get your game on!

To order a game personalized for you, click here and then fill out our Bundle Blueprint. Even filling out the Bundle Blueprint can be fun because it is a great way to take a stroll down memory lane and relive some of your favorite memories. If you want the other people who are playing the game with you to collaborate on your creation, they can also fill out the Bundle Blueprint. But if you're in the mood to surprise them or just want to have a little bit of an edge while playing the game, you can fill out the Bundle Blueprint solo. (Although we can't actually guarantee an edge in playing the game even if you are the sole person to fill out the Bundle Blueprint - we have lost games that we have made for our families and friends - Bundle will keep you guessing like that.)

We want to hear about all the ways that you're practicing self care this summer. We challenge you that each time you read the words Bundle Blueprint in this blogpost (say that 5 times fast) you do something nice for yourself. We hope you are having fun, rest, and ease and are sending you big virtual hugs.


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