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Labor Day Getaway

Puppy Bundle Labor Day Board Games Labor Day Getaway
Dog Day Afternoon with Bundle

Labor Day Weekend is fast approaching and in addition to wearing as much white as possible before then (although we don't wear much white to begin with and we don't really follow fashion rules) it is time for people to start thinking about their Labor Day Weekend plans. This year we are planning on keeping it pretty low key and staying in New York City, probably going to Central Park and playing with Cassie's new puppy, having a picnic, and getting our Bundle on. #onbrand We would love to help you celebrate Labor Day this year by making you a highly customized board game all about you.

Labor Day, Do It Yourself Board games, Bundle game
Bundle Cabin Style!

Bundle is the perfect custom board game for a cabin weekend getaway. (Take our word for it, we've done it, and although we are partial it was a lot of fun.) If you're headed to the beach, our cloth bag and board is easy to transport and you can even play with it while relaxing in the sun on the sand. (If you're anything like us make sure you have on copious amounts of sunblock.) If you want a do it yourself game in time for Labor Day Weekend, click here to order your Bundle and fill out your Bundle Blueprint so we can learn all about you and game with 83 personalized cards - complete with your memories, traditions, inside jokes, and photos.

board games, Labor Day Weekend, do it yourself games
Do It Yourself Board Games for the Win!

We want to hear from you! What fun activities are you up to this Labor Day Weekend? No plans are still plans and if you're planning on doing nothing at all we want to hear about that too! Comment below or send us a DM @thebundlegame. Until then, enjoy rocking your white pants all day every day.


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