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When Calls the Heart Season 8 Finale: The End of the Love Triangle

heart season 8 finale love triangle bundle game
Get your game on!

It's no secret that we are huge fans of When Calls the Heart and it has been so much fun making a game all about the TV series. It's always a blast to take two things that you're wildly passionate about and (board games a favorite TV show!) and bring them together. Our first endeavor into making games for fandoms was with our Hallmark Channel Countdown to Christmas Board game which led us to add another thing we are passionate about to the mix - ugly Christmas sweaters.(see below.) But we digress.

fan community the hearties bundle game
Ugly sweater game strong here.

One of the great things about When Calls the Heart is the fan community- the Hearties as they (we!) are lovingly referred to. When we were developing our When Calls the Heart board game we worked with a group of Hearties to come up with questions and to playtest the game. Sure, there are lots of successful TV shows out there but we think it would be difficult to find a more loyal, kind, and informed group of fans than the Hearties. It's one of the great joys in watching the show - knowing we have an amazing community to talk with and keep the excitement going in-between seasons.

season 8 finale when calls the heart games fan fiction the bundle game
Choose your own adventure...

The season 8 finale was a fantastic episode in many ways filled with lots of incredible storytelling and so many character journeys. But as we any TV show that has a passionate fan base, not every viewer is going to agree with every creative decision. Even though we've never watched Game of Thrones (we know, we know - sorry!) we know that the ending was a bit controversial. And not every viewer of Lost was all in on the ending of that series. So when Season 8 wrapped up with a resolution to the "Love Triangle" that has been a focus for the last three seasons - not everyone was entirely pleased with the outcome. Enter Bundle! If you want to hunker down and right some When Calls the Heart fan fiction to make the ending that you want for Season 8, Bundle is in full support of that endeavor.

when calls the heart season 8 ending brian byrd erin krakow, chris mcnally, kevin mcgarry, bundle game
So many stories to still be written!

The exciting news is that When Calls the Heart has been renewed for Season 9 so we will get to go back to Hope Valley for more adventures. It's great to know that these storylines are about to be written and that we can look forward to more episodes. In the meantime, we are playing our When Calls the Heart game, (click here to order!) re-watching our favorite episodes, and catching up on as many interviews as we can find about the series. If you are ordering the When Calls the Heart game and you want to have a game night - please let us know! It's so much fun to chat with fellow Hearties. Hearties - we want to know - what did you think of the Season 8 ending? Comment below and also share any links to your fanfiction because we are ready for it!


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