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Calling all Fangirls!

Two young women holding gray mugs and clinking them together. There is a board game in front of them labeled "Bundle"
Cheers to all the fangirls!

We are self-professed fangirls - when we love things, we love them deeply. We started Bundle, our custom game company, because we have always had a passion for board games. We love when our Bundlers fill out the Bundle Blueprint so we can learn all about their loved ones and make a game that is completely personalized and unique to them, filled with their memories, traditions, inside jokes, and photos. We decided that we wanted to fangirl over some other things that we adore, so we made games celebrating some of our other obsessions.

Text reads "Bundle: 90s Edition: The board game that makes us all 90s kids at heart" The Bundle card reads "Sing the chorus to your favorite boy band song""
Celebrating the best of the 90s

Our Love for 90s Nostalgia

You know we are 90s kids and celebrate everything about the decade where we came of age. We created Bundle: 90s Edition to revel in the trends, sing boy band songs, partake in 90s trivia, and share some of our most embarrassing stories from the decade. We had such a great time playing Bundle: 90s Edition at 90s Con with the casts of Boy Meets World and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. It was a fangirl's dream come true. To join in on the fun, you can order Bundle: 90s Edition here. Slap bracelets and Lisa Frank stationary not included but highly encouraged.

When Calls the Heart: The Board Game is featured, along with a light pink bag next to it.
A Hearties Dream Come True

Hallmark Hearties

We are huge fans of Hallmark Channel's long running TV series, When Calls the Heart. We are in good company - the fandom is so powerful that we even have a name for ourselves - Hearties. We worked with other fans to create a game all about the show and have had so much fun playing it! If you're a Heartie or know someone who is, you can order your game here. The official When Calls the Heart board game will test your knowledge of the show, allow you to get creative with some fan fiction fun, and reminisce about all of your favorite moments from the series.

There is a Bundle game on a table and the photo is taken from above. on the table there is confetti and a cupcake.
Rom Coms always make us smile

Rom Com Lovers

Ever since we were little, we have loved watching romantic comedies. When the movies were a little too mature, our parents would fast forward through the more adult parts so that we could enjoy the age-appropriate romance and laughs. We made a game with all of our favorite elements from rom coms and have had so much fun playing it on girls' nights in. To order Bundle: Rom Com Edition, click here. Pair it with your favorite wine and rom com for the ultimate rom com lovers evening.

We would love to hear from you so we can figure out which fandom to delve into next! Sports? Food? Hobbies? We are excited to hear what adventure we should embark on so we can continue living out our ultimate fan girl dreams.


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