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Behind the Bundle : Will These Co-Stars Get Along?

Cats and dogs, Board games, photo shoots, holiday season, commercials
Is this the look of love?

Are you a dog person or a cat person? Neither? Both? Growing up we had a wonderful dog named Happy, and then when we were teenagers we became a cat family - having up to 4 cats at one point. We love animals of all kinds, but we understand that they may not always love each other. So when we were gearing up for our Bundle photo and video shoot for our holiday season promos, we wanted Artie and Frisbee to be the stars of the show. Only problem: they had never met before in real life.

Cats and dogs getting along, board games, custom gifts, photo shoots
Artie hissing and Frisbee's all coming together

We scheduled the shoot for Jackie's apartment, which meant that Artie had home field advantage. However, we made sure that craft services included fruits and veggies for the humans and both cat and dog treats. Artie was placed in the bedroom and Frisbee arrived, tail wagging and ready for his first official Bundle shoot. Frisbee, if you're reading this right now, you were a very good boy. Frisbee surveyed the apartment like he owned the place (we could all use that BFE - Big Frisbee Energy). When the cousins finally met, it wasn't love at first sight, but it also wasn't love at first bite. (See what we did there?) They were both a little tentative and Artie did a bit of hissing (he might have been resentful of having to share his toys, he is an only child after all) but they didn't attack each other and there was definitely a level of curiosity and intrigue, so there's definitely room for the love to grow.

board games, holiday games, custom games, smiles for miles, unique gifts
This counts as all smiles

Our cat and dog co-stars, ever the professionals, were able to put aside any personal feelings they had to navigate their first shoot together with charm, ease, and success. We will be bringing you the content over the next few months and Artie and Frisbee will continue to get treats for a job well done. If you want to reward the boys for bring incredible co-stars check out our custom board games and our Bundle: Holiday Edition. Bonuses will be given out to Artie and Frisbee if we see an increase in sales based on their hard work. (Kidding, they are spoiled anyway and we will continue to keep giving them all the things.) Please stay tuned for the inevitable Valentine's Day photo shoot when we try and make Artie and Frisbee kiss and cuddle.


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