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Maid of Honor: The Ultimate Hype Girl

bachelorette party diy game the bundle
Our cousin (and best friend's) wedding day! Photography by Pamela Evans

There are many exhaustive and fantastic lists for Maid of Honor duties that you can find all over the interwebs, and they can be quite helpful, like this ultimate list from the editors at BRIDES. Here at Bundle, we are experts in the personalized board game biz, not the bridesmaid game, so we are going to let the experts lead the way. (Like Jen Glantz, who is literally a professional bridesmaid!) However, we have both worn our fair share of bridesmaid dresses, so we can share a few of the tips we have picked up along the way while doing what we do best: living that board game life.

bachelorette party ideas the bundle
Jackie trying to get as close to the bride as humanly possible.

Bring the positive energy to the Bachelorette Party

Whether your bride-to-be wants you to plan the bachelorette party, wants to plan it herself, or wants a collaboration - it's your job to be the ultimate hype girl and bring all the positive energy. Our Bachelorette Bundle is a personalized board game all about the bride and her best friends. It's the perfect gift for the bride-to-be that has everything. We bet she doesn't have a board game all about herself and her best friends. ;) (And if she does, hi - welcome back - do you need your Bundle expansion pack?)

bachelorette party gifts the bundle
Cassie is still good friends with the groom he just didn't need to be in this photo.

Find the perfect gift for the bride and her spouse

Yes, your role is to make sure that you are there for your gal - she is absolutely your priority. But I think we have all heard those uncomfortable best man speeches where the dude shares 15 minutes' worth of inside jokes that no one really understands and doesn't mention the bride once. Enter our Couple Bundle. You can make a do-it-yourself board game all about the bride and the love of her life. Well, one of the loves of her life - don't worry she still loves you, too.

diy bachelorette game the bundle
Bundle is ready for easy travel/small apartment life

Preserve the memories of the big day

There is probably a professional photographer or maybe even a videographer capturing all of the evening's most special moments. But no matter how talented they are, they can't be multiple places at one time (maybe someday this will change....). As the maid of honor, you are the keeper of so many of these memories. Feel free to jot them down as the night goes on and we can help you take all of those fun memories and make a board game celebrating the big day. And yes, you can include photos - professional or otherwise!

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