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Bachelorette Party Essentials

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

So if you're here, you (congrats!) or someone you love (yay!) is having a bachelorette party and you're here looking for bachelorette party ideas. Welcome. We're here to help and metaphorically hold your hand through this process. You've come to the right place. Not only do we make personalized bachelorette party games, we are two women in our 30s who have been to our fair share of them. In fact, one of our most memorable bachelorette party nights ended with two members of the bridal party getting in a little tussle and accidentally hitting the maid of honor in the face when she tried to get in between them. Ah, memories. But that's a story for another blog post. ;) Today we will be taking you through some ideas to make your next bachelorette party filled with fun and (hopefully) injury-free.

bachelorette party games the bundle
Examples of our Bachelorette Bundle Cards!

Location, Location, Location

In pre-pandemic days, lots of people were searching for the best places to have a bachelorette party. As more people are feeling comfortable traveling again and the world is opening up a little bit more (Can we get an Amen!) that is becoming more and more of a possibility. But in the meantime, lots of people are feeling safer planning virtual bachelorette parties. How do you make that fun since everyone is already zoomed out by now? By making it a transformative experience.

Your bachelorette wanted to go to Nashville? Bring Nashville to her! Make it themed - order some cowboy hands, break out the flannel shirts, and make your dining room table is safe for dancing on it like you're at the bar at Coyote Ugly. Did bride-to-be want a chill weekend at the beach? Get out those Hawaiian shirts, dig out the flip-flops, and order little umbrellas for those yummy daiquiri drinks. Fill out our Bundle Blueprint and let us know all about your bachelorette party and we can make the perfect game for wherever you're headed, whether you are zooming or going to be there in person.

virtual bachelorette party ideas the bundle
Get Your Game On!

A Little Bachelorette Gift Goes A Long Way

If you're looking for the perfect bachelorette party gifts, you don't need to drop a ton of cash. It's all about connection and oftentimes, nostalgia. Enter...the matching friendship bracelet. We made them in grade school, (okay and in high school) so it's such a fun way to celebrate the bride-to-be. You also can't go wrong with matching t-shirts, because who doesn't like to rock their best friends' outfits? (Maybe that's just us.)

And sure, maybe we are partial, but we have had lots of gals have a ton of fun playing our Bachelorette Bundle Check out our blogposts about Kate's Hen Do and Keleigh's Bachelorette Party. A Bundle for your party is a fun bachelorette party activity, but then the bride can have a personalized board game all about her and her best friends as a forever keepsake.

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry (And eventually married)

Even if you're having a virtual bachelorette party you can enjoy the same food and drinks to make it seem like you're all sitting around together, grabbing the same champagne bottle and fighting for the last slice of pizza. You can order personalized wine bottles for the occasion and if you really want to go nostalgic, get the entire bachelorette party some Dunkaroos. That's right, you're favorite 90s snack is back, and yes, they are just as good as you remember.

bachelorette party snacks. bachelorette party gifts for bride, 90s nostalgia
Doesn't this picture make you want to use a freshly sharpened pencil? #nostalgia

Leave a comment below and let us know about the weirdest/most memorable/best bachelorette party you've ever been to. We hope Bundle can be a part of your next bachelorette party and that it is filled with joy, connection, and your favorite 90s snacks.


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