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Bachelorette Parties Without the Cliches

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Google is full of searches like "are bachelorette parties bad?" We get it. You may have attended your fair share of bachelorette parties that felt a little cliche...or worse, nonexclusive. Ever try to plan a bachelorette party for two brides-to-be, but all the search results are yielding things like "teeny peeny party pack" and "pecker penis straws?" While we do appreciate the rhyming and alliteration, some of us are not looking for that experience. (But if you are, more power to you and the plethora of color options and sizes for those party favors.) So many bachelorette party games focus on the Mr. and Mrs., without the acknowledgment that women marry women and some women aren't going to become a Mrs. when they get married. Well, never fear, Bundle is here...with the perfect bachelorette party games that are custom-made for you.

bachelorette party ideas the bundle

We have loved being a part of so many fun bachelorette celebrations, but one of our favorites was Hannah and Chelsea. Their love story is beautiful and their group of friends is so much fun - they call themselves the Rainbow Girls. In making their Bachelorette Bundle we learned about them as a couple but they wanted us to focus on the amazing friendships that they have with their best friends - and they didn't want a teeny peeny meanie weenie straw anywhere in sight. (We can empathize.)

creative bachelorette party ideas the bundle
We love the Rainbow Girls!

We also loved sharing Julie and Hannah's love story. (Not to be confused with Hannah and Chelsea, stay with us here.) In each of our personalized board games, we include your favorite memories, traditions, and inside jokes as well as trivia-style questions about your relationship and the friendships of the people who love and support you.

covid bachelorette party ideas the bundle
Julie and Hannah - such a cute couple!

Whether your Bachelorette party is going to be virtual or in person, we can make a game to get as rowdy as you want, or something that creates a bit more intimacy and space for conversation. Or a combo of both! That's the beauty of creating a board game that is all about you and your best friends -it's made for you so it can be whatever you want it to be.

fun bachelorette party ideas the bundle

We want to be a part of your Bachelorette party fun and are so grateful that you have shared many of your amazing stories of love and friendship with us. Also, dudes, do not fear - we can make you a Bachelor Bundle. In fact, BRIDES just included us on their list of 22 Brilliant Bachelor Party Ideas.

Click here to shop Bundle. And if you're still looking for straws of some variety, might we suggest these pom pom paper straws? (Still bringing you the alliteration and functionality.)


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